Assurity! This word has become a commonplace in daily life. And why not, everyone deserves the best. Similarly, tattoos are becoming an integral part of displaying art which will define an individual for their entire life. So you clearly won’t want it to blemish your persona. Chaps! Be sure what you wanna get by having a look at the bombastic tattoos for men which will keep you in mod.

Rudraksh Arm Band

Rudraksh Arm Band tattoo
This arm band tattoo is very ironic as it looks neoteric at the same time traditional. The realism work on the rudraksh took the whole artwork to the next level.

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Bio-Mechanical Scorpion

Bio-mechanical tattoo

The new era has begun feller, so you have to keep up with the pace. This tattoo will help you do the same by its futuristic and modern outlook.

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Spartan Warrior

Spartan warrior Tattoo

A warrior is the one who dares and is vigilant. This tattoo will always encourage one to always confront all the hardships and obstacles no matter what the circumstances are and do the right thing.

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Dot work calf sleeve

dot work calf sleeve tattoo

If you are a true art lover then guys you have to get one of these. The amazing combination of Maori and Dotwork blend together fantastically.

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Chatrapati Shivaji

Chatrapati Shivaji tattoo

Chatrapati Shivaji, The greatest Maratha warrior that ever existed. He is identified for his bravery and wit. All the elements in the design roar “courage”.

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Amazing Lion

Amazing lion tattoo

I know you would have dropped your jaw the moment you saw it. Lion is known for his leadership and audacity. The realism is simply so illusory making it explicit.

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Pirate Ship

Pirate ship tattoo

A pirate ship stands through all the cruelty and obstacles the sea puts in front of it. But it don’t give up and fights them all, rising to victory. A great tattoo to display stubbornness in a good context.

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Life of Scorpio

life of scorpio tattoos

The tattoo depicts the life of the Scorpio and how he evolve himself. The engaging spiral Maori design with a zest of dotwork looks extravagant.

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Realistic Eagle

Realistic Eagle tattoo

Eagle is the leader of the bird clan making him superior from the rest according to the philosophers. The extreme realism in the tattoo is clearly the show stopper.

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Geometric Arm Band

geometric arm band tattoo

This dapper armband is simple but that’s the magic about it. The jazzy as well as the classy approach, instantly catches the eye balls.

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Ferocious Tiger

Ferocious tiger tattoo

This one is a double exposure tattoo concluding of a tiger and forest. Tiger signifies power and dynamism. The supreme realism is ineffable.

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Dot work Mandala

Dot work mandala tattoo

This tattoo comprises of three Sanskrit mantras Matru Deva Bhava, Gayatri Mantra and Om Mani Padme Hum. The spiritual powers these mantras hold are beyond explanatory.

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Trishul with Mrityuanjaya Mantra

Trishul Tattoo

This Trishul is very astutely placed on the forearm fashioning the overall look. The Mrutyuanjaya Mantra complete the tattoo by its presence. Blokes! Nudge, Nudge.

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Wolf with Metatron Cubes

wolf tattoo

This tattoo has been given a newfangled outlook. Metatron’s Cube contains every shape that exists within the universe. These shapes represent the patterns that make up everything God has made. New Age teachers call a variant of this figure the “Fruit of Life”. It is a perfect example of classique realism and modern geometry. Wolf fanatics will definitely love this one.

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Harley Davidson Tattoo

harley davidson tattoo

Now this one doesn’t need an introduction, apparently every guy is a Harley Davidson fan. And if the craze out space a threshold, you can see the result. The script is just perfect for a road lover.

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