Watercolour Lion Tattoo


Lions have a tremendous beautiful side behind their imperious one. The idea of lions is most of the times portrayed in a very furious, ferocious way but here the artist has focused on creating a beautiful artwork that can be easily differentiated from the common artworks on lions. Take a look at those smooth gradients and color mixing, you are gonna fall in love with this amazing tattoo. This is a color tattoo you must consider if you are looking forward to get a small and eye-catchy tattoo.

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Beautiful Blue Lotus Tattoo


The Lotus is a symbol of purity and enlightenment. The meaning behind a blue Lotus flower is associated with a victory of the spirit- the spirit of self. Lotus flower is also been used as a metaphor for re-birth since decades. Tattoo lovers around the world, be it men or women widely prefer Lotus flower tattoo designs. Lotus design is not only known for its beauty, but also reflects a deeper spiritual meaning and thus, suits best when it comes small meaningful tattoo concepts.

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Delicate Feather Tattoo with Infinity Sign

amazing feather tattoo- best small tattoos

Very few tattoos can hold much meaning and still look beautifully simple. An infinity sign tattoo fulfills both of these criteria. The infinity tattoo design indicates infinite love, feelings or passion. It conveys meanings such as rebirth and reincarnation. This particular infinity tattoo design is customized by adding a beautiful feather and the word family in it. This is a beautiful concept if you are looking for simple and delicate tattoo designs.

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Rudraksha Arm-band Tattoo

Rudraksha armband tattoo

Rudraksha is an object that has highly been in demand for and religious people especially, followers of Lord Shiva. This Rudraksha tattoo design is very intricate and every bead of it is designed differently which makes it even more impressive. This will surely interest art lovers and the ones who value detailed artworks.

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Exquisite Daisy Flower Tattoo


The Daisy flower symbolizes innocence and purity. Another meaning it holds is a symbol of new beginning. Daisy flower tattoos, though simple and small look very beautiful on any of the parts of the body. This tattoo design suits best for women looking forward to get something feminine.

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Free-hand Bow Tattoo

Bow Wrist tatoo-minimalist tattoos

Minimalism at its best. A fine piece that redefines perfection and delicacy.

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Beautiful Dandelions Tattoo

beautiful dandelions tattoo- abstract tattoos

Looking for tattoos with positive meanings behind them? The dandelion tattoo fits the bill because of it’s unique geometry and color which sets it apart from other showier flowers like roses.
You must consider this artwork if you like semi-realistic concepts or looking for a nice feminine color piece.

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Abstract Line-art Rose Tattoo

line-art rose tattoo

This line-art killed it with its beauty and uniqueness. Beautiful concept on roses that you must consider if you like flowery designs but want to set your tattoo apart from the cliche.

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Cute Owl Tattoo

abstract owl tattoo-cute tattoos

You cannot miss this one if you are looking for cute and abstract tattoos. Besides, owl is a symbol of wisdom and if designed this way portrays both cuteness and intelligence.

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Colorful Birds Tattoo

swallow bird tattoo

The swallow birds represent freedom, hope, love, care and affection towards family and friends, freedom and hope. Here, we have designed this art-work in an abstract way adding bright colors to make it look more feminine and unique.

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